Alicia Clark’s legacy
Postagem por: Ethan Sanches

How far can a character go and pass on a legacy? We are often left wondering about a protagonist’s journey, but if there is one character that has made it through and should be called a true hero, it’s Alicia Clark.

On August 23, 2015, the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead aired. It was clear when watching that young Alicia Clark had dreams, desires and many life lessons to learn. We just didn’t imagine what these learnings would be that life would bring to it.

When the virus is reported, we as viewers know that it is actually the beginning of the undead apocalypse. From that moment on, we realized that Alicia is called to a mission that takes her out of her ordinary world, out of her comfort zone. And in the face of a great challenge and great changes, it is natural that fears, hesitations and many inner conflicts arise. Alicia had it all, she felt.

And as she also felt the pain of loss, after all, throughout the series, she lost her brother, her mother and had to continue her internal journey of growth alone. Such as this, which made her a strong, determined woman and an example of a leader. It was extremely clear Alicia Clark show all her strength and skills, an example of this is in episode 03×13, one of the most important episodes of the series.

“You don’t get tired of surviving. You just move on.” 

Alicia was more than a survivor. She gathered all the knowledge and experiences acquired during her journey and showed us how much she had grown. Everything has a meaning of transformation and that’s why, at every moment, she took with her the best. 

“We only have the present and who knows how long we will have this.”

But there’s no chance to not being grateful for the impeccable and extraordinary performance of the person who brought the character to life all these years: Alycia Debnam-Carey

Alycia has a charming performance, she surrenders to every scene and every moment of the character. From making us cry, smile, feel pain, fear or despair. She manages to convey all these emotions to us. And I assure you that only a true artist is capable of acting in this way. 

“Alycia Debnam-Carey has created one of the most impressive and memorable characters in the entire Walking Dead universe.” – Forbes, 2018. 

Indeed, the legacy that Alycia will leave on Fear The Walking – and the entire TWD universe – will never be forgotten. With each episode, viewers became more interested and wanting to know the next challenges that Alicia Clark would face, as well the decisions she should make. In some moments of the episodes it was even possible to ask: “What would Alicia Clark do?” 

Debnam-Carey’s performance also brings Alicia to new heights, as each season it feels like she discovers something more about this character and adds to the cocktail of life experiences she has.” – CarterMatt, 2018. 

There were 100 episodes of great emotions, acting that was really clear to see the delivery and passion that Alycia had for her character. And not only that, Alycia also showed her vision of the story, having the opportunity to direct an episode of the show.

Every story has a message to convey to those who watch, but mainly, the great transformation acquired along its journey. It wasn’t easy for Alicia Clark, she faced obstacles of great magnitude, but like all heroines, she achieved her goal – one way or another – and deserves her reward. As an audience, we were moved by his victory and left with a sense of deservedness.

Strong and inspiring characters like Alicia Clark are sometimes not so well portrayed and, as we’ve seen, even more rarely so well written. But the legacy that remains is inspiring. And the real legacy that Alicia Clark leaves us is that we can all have our space as a hero, whichever path we choose. Thank you Alicia, your legacy will be remembered forever by all the fans.

Written by, Ethan Sanches – ADCBR